Hiring or purchasing a quality cool room will provide more efficient cold storage solutions and are designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

A quality cool room starts with excellent workmanship; having the skills and experience to fabricate high quality cool rooms.  Equally important is the fabrication of units using quality parts and materials, that will provide more reliable food storage and offer a longer product life.  Additionally cool rooms that provide quality features offer greater convenience and a better user experience.  Benefits of hiring or purchasing a quality cool room include:

Reliability and efficiency

Cool rooms that are built using quality parts and materials are more reliable and efficient for your cold storage needs.  When choosing a cool room hire company or manufacturer, ensure the unit is made using heavy duty insulated panels and sturdy flooring, quality fittings and shelving.  Units that provide a magnetic door handle will assist to keep the unit airtight and the cold air in, which in turn assists in the efficient running of the unit.  Choosing a cool room that is built using quality materials not only offers a unit with greater longevity, but one that will be pleasant to use, again and again.

Safer usage

Hiring or purchasing a cool room with the correct power load for its use and application is of paramount importance.  Cool rooms that run off a standard 10amp power supply can be plugged into any standard household powerpoint.  It is not recommended to run 15 amp power cool rooms on a standard household powerpoint as this can cause too great a burden on the power source, leading to power surges and problems.

As most mobile cool rooms are trailer mounted, having secure steps for a safe step-up into the cool room is essential.  Steps should be strong and sturdy and professionally built to ensure user safety.  Having a step that can be removed allows for transportation of the mobile cool room and a safer measure for storing the cool room near young or inquisitive children.

Optimum shelf storage

Cool rooms that provide ample interior shelving enable different types of food and drinks to be effectively stored.  Cool rooms that offer adjustable shelving allow for a variety of uses across a range of industries such as florists, butchers, restaurants etc. and give users greater flexibility to store different sized items.  Shelves that are easily removed also allow for the cool room to be better sanitized.

Adequate Lighting

It is also important for the cool room to have a light to assist in easily locating its stored contents.  This is beneficial when cool rooms are used at night, especially when outside light sources are scarce, allowing little light into the cool room.

Better security

Cool rooms with a lockable door handle decrease the risk of theft or malicious damage of the cool room’s contents.  For greater peace of mind, selecting a cool room that has a lockable power inlet will protect the power supply from tampering, thus ensuring the contents are not accidentally or maliciously spoiled.

Auswest Coolroom Hire is highly skilled in the manufacture and hire of quality cool rooms.  Over the years the company has gained a wealth of knowledge in the manufacture, transportation, care and operation of their custom built, quality cool rooms, helping them to better understand their customers’ needs.

All of Auswest’s cool rooms are made using the highest quality parts and materials and include all the features that make a quality cool room user-friendly.

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