Standard Cool Room

Our standard mobile coolrooms are ideal for parties, weddings, special events, corporate functions or commercial clients who need reliable cold food or drink storage.  Three sizes are available depending on the size of your event or the volume of product you need to keep refridgerated.  All of our standard mobile coolrooms are suitable for food, drinks, flowers and most cold storage.

All of our standard mobile coolrooms:

  • Have adjustable shelving plus stacking space
  • Can be hired for domestic or commercial use
  • Require a standard 10amp power supply
  • Are available for short or long term hire


Single Axle Cool Room

1.54m length  x 1.54m width x 1.94m height   (excludes trailer measurement)

Approximate  capacity of storing up to 55 cartons.


Tandem Axle Cool Room, Large

2.0m length x 1.6m width x 1.95m height   (excludes trailer measurement)

Approximate capacity of storing up to 80 cartons.

The above cool room measurements do not include the trailer. Allow the following additional measurements for the trailer in addition to cool room measurements provided:
Length: 1.5m (trailer draw bar)
Width: 0.5m (wheels & wheel arches)
Height: 0.45m (height of trailer from ground)